Drug & Alcohol Testing in Longview Texas

Taylor Safety Consulting offers a wide range of drug programs customized for your company. Whether you need monthly random selections or quarterly, we can run a computer based random selection for your company tailored to fit your needs. Taylor Safety Consulting manages your testing pool by sending out randomized list, sending reminders and gathering completed data for reports.

Taylor Safety Consulting manages your current employee list by working with the DER and manually adding or deleting employees and keeping that list up to date. Whether you are in a randomized pool, or just need a drug test, we can satisfy these needs. Our prompt service and technicians will have you checked in and out in no time. Our results are usually back within 24 hours, if performed in-house before 3:00 p.m.

We are set up for eScreen and Form Fox electronic chain of custody forms, meaning you can test almost anywhere with just a quick phone call letting us know the region you will be testing.

We offer support for compliance audits. Taylor Safety Consulting also can also create a Drug and Alcohol Policy for DOT and NON-DOT programs.

Why Drug Test?

  1. 75% of drug users are employed
  2. 40% of users will steal from your organization
  3. 38% of work-related accidents are drug and alcohol users
  4. 60% of drug users will sell to other employees
  5. 3 times more sick days, 8 times more hospital days, 16 times more absences due to employee drug use
  6. 20% of people killed at work test positive for drugs
  7. Drug testing is tax deductible
  8. Peace of Mind … Knowing you have a drug and alcohol-free workplace, community and school

The following drug testing services are available in Longview, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Our Drug Services Programs Include:

  • Computer Generated Random Selections
  • Management of Random Testing Pool
  • Manually Deleting or Adding Employees from an Employee List
  • Statistical Data Reporting Including MIS Report
  • Support for Compliance Audits
  • Referrals to Substance Abuse Professionals in Your Area
  • Collection Site Selection (Nationwide and after hours collection sites)
  • Direct Observation of Collection if Required
  • On-Site Testing Nationwide
  • After-Hours Testing (24 Hours ) and Incident/Accident Reporting
  • Alcohol Screening with Confirmation if needed
  • Filling of Form MCS-20
  • 24 Hr or Less Results if Tested In-House Before 3pm
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy for DOT and Non-DOT Programs
  • DOT and Non-DOT Physicals (Can be set up in your area)
  • Storage and Documentation of All Testing Completed

Labs Used

  • ASAP
  • CRL
  • DISA
  • AWSI

We accept paper CCF’s, however, we do utilize EScreen and Form Fox electronic CCF services as well.

Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) for DOT Assessments


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
2124 Alpine Rd., Longview, Texas 75601
903-236-2382 or 800-238-3839


Shreveport, LA

2829 Youree Drive, Suite 5, Shreveport, LA 71210


5935 Old Bullard Rd. #200, Tyler, TX 75703


201 S. Western, Amarillo, TX 79106

Treatment Facilities & Websites

800-292-0148 Starlite Recovery Center ( www.starliterecovery.com )
800-203-6612 Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center ( www.palmettocenter.com )
800-232-1289 Ouachita Medical Center
888-351-0553 Deer Creek Recovery Center

Local Assistance / Non-DOT Assessments

903-753-7633 ETCADA ( East Texas Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse )
903-234-2796 Sabine Valley Center Substance Abuse Services
903-758-0569 Woodbine Substance Abuse Treatment Center
800-566-0088 ETMC Behavioral Health
903-655-6453 Scott & White Dependence Treatment ( Henderson, TX )
903-938-1146 Grove Moore Regional Substance Abuse Recover ( Marshall, TX )

National Hotline Numbers

888-792-2727 American Substance Abuse Professionals ( www.go2asap.com )
800-356-9996 Al-Anon ( www.al-anon.org )
800-252-6465 Alcohol & Drug Referral Hotline
800-NCA-CALL National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency
800-662-HELP NIDA – National Institute on Drug Abuse ( www.drugabuse.gov )
800-66-AYUDA NIDAen Espanol ( www.drugabuse.gov/es/en-espanol )
800-527-5344 American Council on Alcoholism
800-COCAINE Cocaine Hotline
800-241-7946 PRIDE (Parent’s Resource Institute for Drug Education)
877-767-7676 Narcotics Anonymous ( www.na.org )
800-662-HELP National Drug & Alcohol Treatment Referral Service
800-422-HOPE National Youth Crisis Hotline
888-720-7277 SAP Referral Services (Network of Substance Abuse Professionals)